At ERGOLOGIS, we know that effective contract logistics is the service you are looking for. Therefore, we provide it in every respect, fully professionally and with the highest standards. Our services are used by production companies and online stores. We are prepared for any type of cooperation, from one-off orders to permanent contracts.



At your disposal there is the high storage warehouse class A+ in Bielany Wrocławskie with an area of over 5,000 m2. It is located to the west of the "Wrocław Południe" at PANATTONI PARK WROCŁAW VII, in close proximity to the national road No. 35, the A4 motorway and the Wrocław A8 bypass. Thanks to this location, the provision of services is convenient and effective.



Our warehouses are distinguished by:

  • A + class
  • A large number of pallet places
  • High storage racks
  • HACCP warehouse
  • Meeting the requirements of the Sanepid


Our warehouses are not only a space that you can use, but also a space to support your activities.  At ERGOLOGIS, we focus on the good of the Client and meeting his requirements. We appreciate the most modern solutions that help us achieve this goal. We systematically implement solutions that fully automate the process and reduce all formalities to a minimum. We have a recipe to get rid of excessive bureaucracy and unnecessary "paperwork". Thanks to this, collecting and sending parcels is simpler, more efficient and much more convenient.

We offer you:

  • Container unloading
  • Transhipment and distribution warehouses
  • Raw material supply management
  • Administration of returnable packaging
  • Confectioning of finished products
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Implementation of systems optimizing the processes taking place in offices and warehouses to increase the efficiency of human work

Contact logistics services

The scope of contract logistics provided by us includes a number ofactivities, such as:

  • Acceptance / release of goods
  • Storage
  • Sorting and repackaging
  • Foiling
  • Packaging
  • Controlling the quality of goods on entry and exit
  • Labeling
  • Branding
  • Marking of goods
  • Preparing the reports

Thanks to this, the service we provide is comprehensive. It includes a number of operations carried out on the warehouse space, as well as such elements as unloading, deconsolidation, storage of goods, order picking, packing or securing and preparing it for distribution. After prior arrangement, we will carry out labeling, foiling, as well as the creation of promotional sets. We offer picking according to agreed rules, incl. FIFO, FEFO, batch management and product expiry date.

In a word, our warehouse is a logistics center at your disposal. Our specialists have experience in handling supply chains for international clients, and know the needs and problems of production, supply of raw materials, trade and distribution of finished products. At ERGOLOGIS, we create new solutions tailored to the dynamic situation of order processing and thanks to this, we stand out from the competition. Our contractors have already found out about it. Properly conducted stage of planning and design allows us to carry out the entrusted tasks efficiently, effectively and ergonomically.


Other services

We provide not only warehouse rental. Bielany Wrocławskie is the place where our warehouses are located. However, the seat of the company is located in Oleśnica. That is where we manage the fleet of vehicles, which is also at your disposal. Thanks to the implemented solutions, we know exactly where our cars are with shipments going to customers. We plan the collection and dispatch of goods in such a way as to always meet the agreed deadlines. However, we are always prepared for any inconvenience and unpredictable situations.



The knowledge, experience and analytical skills of our employees are our greatest capital. We will be happy to arrange a meeting, present our proposals and listen to your needs, both those that include contract logistics and forwarding. We encourage you to contact us today and take your business to a completely new level, which is provided by our warehouse. Logistyczna 8 Bielany Wrocławskie is the address where you will return, what we are convinced of.

See you!

“In life, at work, it's easiest to blame everything. You have to do enough so you don't have to blame anyone.

Dawid Stopa
Logistyka kontaktowa, ERGOLOGIS