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Ergologis - greater efficiency of your business

About us

We are a dynamically operating company in the transport and logistics industry. This is due to customer care and continuous self-improvement and improvement of processes falling within the scope of our activity. The idea that guides us is the optimization of deliveries, which we implement through sustainable development and responsible business. We focus primarily on relationships that are based on mutual trust.

Our team is built by a group of specialists who know the industry, as well as the needs and expectations of customers. We use knowledge, experience as well as intelligent and modern solutions to carry out our tasks. We provide not only the highest quality services, but also full-scope consulting. Therefore, together we are able to work out a solution even from the most difficult situations. The transport and logistics market requires reliability, punctuality and professionalism. We combine all these elements in ERGOLOGIS. We focus primarily on ergonomics, taking care of Your loads, goods, time and money.

What do we offer?

At ERGOLOGIS, we operate in the broad sense of forwarding. We offer our clients road, sea and air transport. In this way, we are able to comprehensively perform each task. Thanks to this solution, we optimize costs and ensure timely delivery. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities in the "Forwarding" tab.

The second branch of our activity is contract logistics. Thanks to the most modern management systems, as well as warehouse sin a perfect location in the Wrocław District in Bielany Wrocławskie, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive and long-term service. In the tab "contract logistics" you will find all information related to this process.

The nature of both services provided by us allows us to offer You comprehensive services related not only to transport, but also to the storage of goods or loads and their further preparation.

How do we work?

A broad understanding of our clients has allowed us to develop an appropriate system for the functioning and implementation of entrusted tasks. We constantly invest in our development to improve the processes we offer. Weare distinguished by diligence and professionalism. We operate on many levels, carefully analyzing all the elements of the order in order to propose the best solution. To achieve your goals, we are able to work 24 hours a day and in a very limited time, taking quick and accurate actions.

The company's history

ERGOLOGIS has been operating on the market for 16 years, the company's greatest capital is the people who create it. The company was founded by three friends who invested in its creation and development. Partnership principles, based on honesty and mutual respect, allowed us to create an efficient company. The team includes interesting people with extensive experience and knowledge. Thanks to this, the quality of the services provided is at the highest level.


Location is a huge advantage of ERGOLOGIS. The seat of the company is located at PANATTONI PARK WROCŁAW VII, which is located in close proximity to the national road No. 35, to the west of the "Wrocław Południe" junction, crossing the A4 and A8. Distances from key parts of infrastructure ensure high transport efficiency: Wrocław Center - 15 km, Wrocław Airport - 12km, Wrocław Bypass A8 - 1 km.

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✌ Ergologis - greater efficiency of your business

Benefits of cooperation

Cooperation with ERGOLOGIS brings many benefits to you:

  • Guarantee of the highest level of services
  • Maximizing the ergonomics of processes
  • Forwarding and contract logistics
  • Comprehensive services
  • Professional advice
  • Modern management of contract logistics

We encourage you to contact us and take advantage of our offer. At ERGOLOGIS, we approach each client and their needs individually, offering the best solutions and our help at every stage of cooperation. Working with clients, we have a common goal - to increase the efficiency of Your businesses and customer satisfaction.

What our clients say

Do you need more evidence? Call us and ask for full references!

"(...) a broad understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent service, professionalism, reliability of the staff."

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"The company's capital is the staff, which professionally performs the assigned tasks and provides professional advice in the field of international and domestic transport."

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"We are pleased to recommend the services provided by ERGOLOGIS Sp. Z o.o. especially to those who are looking for a reliable partner for cooperation."

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