About Company

We together create ERGOLOGIS  – a dynamic growth of the company as a business activity and creation of new workplaces are our key issues.
The objective of the company is the optimal development of integration system in logistics and transport.


Three friends fascinated with transport and implementation of logistics solutions decided to take the matters into their hands. They invested their savings in the development of ERGOLOGIS Sp. z o.o. We make a team of interesting people who work as partners and complement each other with knowledge and experience.


We have been providing our services on the transport and logistics market for 9 years. Over the years we have gathered required knowledge and experience to establish a company oriented to intelligent and up-to-date solutions in transport and logistics.

Company Idea

ERGOLOGIS Sp z o.o  is focused on the optimization of transport and logistics supply chain. Sustainability and responsible business is our objective.


How do we work?

Each assignment we are entrusted with is fulfilled with due diligence and professionalism. If necessary we are capable of working 24 hours per day. We invest in our own growth and that of our employees on the daily basis.